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23 May 2010 @ 05:37 am
title. this love
word count. 25K
for. hali challenge
note. eh. yes, i plan to write 100 fics for 50K word fan fiction challenge. currently i have 62, eheee. also, are there rules about tags, hali? XD
disclaimer. disclaimed ; applied.
ETA3. +3
link. fifty thousand words of ichigo and orihime
21 May 2010 @ 01:47 am
Challenge complete! 11 12 icons under the cut.

Edit~ whoops, sorry, forgot an icon.

..and I wonder if I ever cross your mind?Collapse )

EDIT - Fanfic Submission:

Dearest Helpless.

Current word count: 5,113.
15 May 2010 @ 09:44 pm
.title. Long Way Down
.rating. K+ (With some swearing)
.ff.net summary. Never judge a book by its cover is a lesson they must both learn.
.words. 22,631
.status. Incomplete

Story - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5689664/1/Long_Way_Down

.title. Everything About You
.rating. T
.ff.net summary. Don't let my facade fool you. My life is harder than you think!
.words. 29,680
.status. Complete! (9 Chapters)

Story - www.fanfiction.net/s/5714448/1/Everything_About_You

(Derp, edited on 8/16 because I finished this part of the challenge. XD First story isn't done, but both are 50k.)
15 May 2010 @ 09:37 pm
Although I must warn, the time I made these was the first ever time I've made 100x100 icons. (So I have a reason for their crappiness!)

Click for complete failure~Collapse )

15 May 2010 @ 09:28 pm
Two drabbles so far for the fanfiction category:

Rating: T ~ Word Count: 1000

Rating: M (beware, contains smut) ~ Word Count: 2643

Word Count so far: 3643. Only 46,357 words left to go. OTL
15 May 2010 @ 08:54 pm
39 icons, 11 more to go before I officially beat the challenge. XD

Its just me, babyCollapse )
15 May 2010 @ 11:48 am
Graphics challenge beaten, voyeah!

Icons hereCollapse )
Can I just post and say that I will join?
- Yes, yes you can! That would actually be helpful so that I can keep track of whoever is participating. Have a look a the list of participants, yay!

When's the deadline?
- Technically, this challenge will end 31st December 2010 but you don't need to wait that long to pass your entries. If you finish a challenge tomorrow, it's no problem if you post them here the second you're done.

Can I post separate entries here or do I need to finish them first?
- You can post them here regardless of its completion. While I ask that you take note of your entries individually, posting your entries here in any degree of completion will not be a problem.

What entries are qualified for X-specific challenge?
- Remember that this is a laidback challenge! There are no limits to what you can and cannot pass. Specifically, any written work is accepted for the Fanfiction Challenge (drabbles, flashfic, short short, short story, novella, novelette, novel, poems, epics, songs, haiku, etc.), any work that requires drawing is accepted for the Fanart Challenge (traditional, digital, painting, comic, experimental, doodles, 4koma, etc.), and ALL media that does not require writing or drawing falls on the Other Media Challenge (icons, banners, wallpapers, layouts, manga coloring, videos, a dance number, etc.).
- The ONLY exception to the NO LIMIT rule is the stealing/copying/altering of works that are not yours and passing them as your own, also known as PLAGIARISM. I cannot police everyone and I'm not planning to, but please be aware that by joining this challenge, you are agreeing to the unwritten condition that any and all entries you submit are your own. This is not a competition with prizes and the only opponent is yourself. I hope no one cheats on themselves just to get a lousy banner you probably won't use anyway (it really is lousy too, no joke).

So, anything? Can I write/draw about Ichigo waking up and finding himself as one of Orihime's Rikka and fighting with Tsubaki?
- Dude, anything. And I would LOVE to see this!

My story/drawing/video has sex/violence/rape/triggering material... are those allowed? Or are only fluff and romance passable?
- Let me repeat: ANYTHING is allowed here. But please be aware that not only are there minors in this forum, there are people who would NOT want to read triggering material (and weird people like me who often don't like adult scenarios).
- The easy solution here is to WARN. Put RATINGS in your stories, fanarts, graphics so that people will know whether it's their thing or not and WARN for content that you think will make others hit the back button. It might be a spoiler to some, but this is courtesy to others and I hope can be upheld. Warnings are also a great way to direct interested parties to your work. People who are looking for psychological works might be interested in warnings of "mind-rape" and "angst", for example.

Can we use fanart for the graphics or only official art?
- Ideally, I would like it better if only official art/manga panels are used because that way, no fanartist' toes would be accidentally stepped on and it will be more challenging besides, creating a different look/feel/story to pictures/panels that we've seen before.
- But I don't want to limit anyone, so I'm pretty much leaving this decision to the participant. I can understand the desire to create an icon/banner using a really pretty fanart you saw. Just, if possible, credit your sources. And if they speak English (like, say, if you see the image in DA as opposed to a photobucket account). maybe take the time to ask permission. (That way, maybe the fanartist can join in on this challenge too xD)
- I would like to ask that people not use the same image over and over though. It won't be that much of a challenge without... any challenge, haha. (My awesome vocabulary, let me show you!)

< rules of the game | frequently asked questions | list of participants | hall of fame >

Yo, Hali. What's this shizz?
- This is the ULTIMATE HALI CHALLENGE OF 2010, a year-long event (thus, the 2010 part) where that hali-person shows inherent egoism by including that weird-ass username in the challenge title when it's not needed.

Dude, talk about useless information. I mean, what's it for?
- It is not useless! I explained the title and the timeframe! Totally not useless! Okay?! Exclamation point. As for what it's for? Simple: Ichigo/Orihime fanworks. Not that we need more events to explore the talent within the fandom as there are already excellent pre-esiting ones but... huh. You know, actually, more events to explore and appreciate the varying talents and people within the fandom is always good! Yeah! Instead of arguing uselessly about whatever pairing's more canon, I urge you to focus on making fanwork for the Ichigo/Orihime pairing! More fun for us and more foodstuff for all (omnomnom).
- *cough* Essentially this event has two objectives: a) to provide more fanworks for the Ichigo/Orihime community at large; and also b) to help participants polish their skills by constant output and practice. I say "polish" but there really aren't any workshops involved here (sorry! I can't handle that but a group within the participants is highly encouraged), and I say "skills" because that is what I am aiming for: not to show-off an innate talent but to hopefully help you hone your skill-set in whatever challenge category you choose. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.

Okaaaay... So what do we do?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm getting there. (Let it not be said I'm not whimsical!) All you need to beat this challenge is to do either of these things: a) be able to write 50k words for the fanfiction challenge; b) draw 50 doodles for the fanart challenge; and/or c) create 50 other media fanworks which includes avatars and/or banners and/or wallpapers and/or whatever else for the other media category.

WHAT? Don't you think that's too much?
- I don't know, you tell me! Do you think writing/drawing/making 50k words/doodles/other media is hard for you to do despite having an entire year to do so? Please note that the fanfiction, fanart and other media challenges are separate affairs. You don't NEED to do all three at once, just focus on what you think is easier for you/what you think you excel at. Not that it won't be awesome if you can do all of course but that's not mandatory.
- If this is too much for you, then perhaps that's an even better reason to join? Challenges wouldl be useless if it's not something you have to endeavor to overcome, after all. Don't you want to see if you COULD write 50/draw 50 doodles/create 50 ava/banners/wp? That maybe all you need is a push?

Fine, fine. But 50k/50 doodles/50 other media is still a lot!
- I know, I know. Which is why I want to impress that this is essentially a LAID BACK challenge. And by laid back, I mean that there are so few rules you can do whatever you want as long as the focus is Ichigo, Orihime, or the Ichigo/Orihime pairing.
- Can't write a novel-length Ichigo/Orihime fanfic? You don't NEED to. You just need to write 50 thousand words, which means you can write several drabbles + several one-shots + a three-parter or something. As long as the total is 50k, you've BEATEN this challenge.
- Can't draw 50 doodles? You don't NEED to either! You can draw 4koma and that already equates to 4 fanarts. Or draw a comic! Each PANEL counts (unless it's pure negative/white space). You can also incorporate the THEMES-handling by drawing just one fanart but with a handful of themes available at the bottom. If you draw ten fanarts with five themes each, you've already BEATEN this challenge too.
- Don't think you can make 50 avatars? Then incorporate the SET-challenge wherein an avatar/banner set equates to 2 finished other media. I want to say though that it will be preferable not to use the same image in avatars/banners/wallpapers if you can (or at least spice them up differently) to make this challenge more worthwhile.

RIGHT. I AM DONE. What now?
- Done already? CONGRATULATIONS! Please feel free to link your completed challenge in this post (or this thread @ FLOL) so that I may give you a lame-ass banner that I made. Also, brag! Brag! You finished the utterly lame challenge started by Hali, yay!
- As this is a challenge with very laidback rules, you can do it again and again as much as you want (you only get one banner for each challenge though ). Want to try the art after finishing the fics? Go right ahead! Want to start ANOTHER avatar set after your first avatar set? Dude, I ain't gonna stop you.

< rules of the game | frequently asked questions | list of participants | hall of fame >